Editorial Program

February/March 2018

Spotlight: Bernard Controls India, Middle East, Africa (IMEA) OA UAE
Special Topic: Power Generation (Nuclear + conventional) Technical Insight I: Analyzing big data Technical Insight II: Exotic materials (Use of new and special steels in valves, etc.) Technical Insight III: How can India improve to become a global valve hub Country Focus: Bangladesh
Deadline date: 15 January

Bonus Distribution:
► Iran Oil show – 6-9  May Tehran – Iran

April/May 2018

Spotlight: L&T Valves – Larsen & Toubro Ltd India
Special Topic: Refinery and Petrochemicals Technical Insight I: Valve maintenance Technical Insight II: Lined valves, Use of Paint/Coatings against Corrosion of Valves Technical Insight III: Control Valves and Severe Service Control
Deadline date: 15 March

Bonus Distribution:

►Fugitive Emission Summit USA Houston – June 2018

►Iran Oil show – 6-9 May Tehran- Iran

June/July 2018

Spotlight: J.D.Jones & C0 (P )Ltd India
Special Topic: Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Fertilizers Technical Insight I: Smart valves Technical Insight II: LNG and Cryogenic Valves Technical Insight III: Food and Beverage Country Focus: Sri Lanka
Deadline date: 15 May

Bonus Distribution:

► Achema 11-15 June – 2018- Frankfurt Germany

► Fugitive Emission Summit USA  Houston – June 2018

August/September 2018

Spotlight: Rotork Controls, UK
Special Topic: LNG and Pipelines Conventional and Nuclear Technical Insight I: Valve Diagnostics Technical Insight II: 3D Printing in the Valve Industry: Fact or Fiction? Technical Insight III: Valve Components Country Focus: Qatar
Deadline date: 15 July

Bonus Distribution:

► ADIPEC 12-15 Nov. 2018 – Abu-Dhabi, UAE

► VW Expo & conf. Dusseldorf – 27-29th –Nov. 2018

►GOT Expo, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, 20-22nd Nov. 2018

October/November 2018

Spotlight: Advance Valves Global, India
Special Topic: Water & Wastewater, Desalination, Water Harvesting, Water Reclamation Technical Insight I: Actuators, Gearboxes, Flowmeters Technical Insight II: Gaskets, Packings and Bellows Technical Insight III: Fluid Control Country Focus: Saudi Arabia

Bonus Distribution:

► ADIPEC 12-15 Nov. 2018 – Abu-Dhabi, UAE

► VW Expo & conf. Dusseldorf – 27-29th –Nov. 2018

►GOT Expo, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, 20-22nd Nov. 2018

December 2018/January 2019

Spotlight: Velan India
Special Topic: Oil & Gas, Onshore & offshore Technical Insight I: Valve Sizing or Positioners Technical Insight II: Sealing Technical Insight III: Looking at new developments in Valve Design Country Focus: Kuwait
Deadline date: 15 November

Bonus Distribution:

► Chemtech World Expo Mumbai-India, 20-23rd Feb. 2019

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