Network to expand your business

Expand your network at the Flow Control Exchange conference

The Flow Control Exchange Conference & Exhibition brings valve and steel companies, EPCs and end-users together to strengthen relationships, meet existing and new customers to exchange ideas and opinions face-to-face.

Leading companies from both the valve and steel industries will have the opportunity to showcase new products and technology, while taking advantage of the relaxed atmosphere to network with key players in the Brazilian markets. Petrobras is just one of the end-users that have expressed an interest in expanding their supplier list at the event.

Petrobras Service Branch of the Register (PAC – Posto de Atendimento ao Cadastro)

The first step in becoming a supplier to Petrobras in Brazil is to become an approved company on Petrobras’s Register. Approval in the evaluation process grants the company inclusion in the Petrobras Corporate Register, with the issuance of the CRCC (Registration Certificate and Record Classification).

Companies with the CRCC are able to be invited to participate in future bids for the supply of goods. In order to help companies begin or further develop their registration process, Petrobras will provide a Service Branch of the Register (PAC – Posto de Atendimento ao Cadastro) on the exhibition floor.

This will be a unique opportunity for Flow Control Exchange exhibitors to join the Petrobras Register with full support being provided by the PAC team on-site.