Meet selected Exhibitors

Meet Mr. Zaheen Valiulla, Aira Euro Automation

Whatever their background, all visitors to the Flow Control Exchange India 2022 exhibition will be assured of a warm welcome at Aira Euro Automation’s booth, says Mr Valiulla. “Our company takes a very customer-centric viewpoint. We are not just looking to sell product from a catalogue. Rather, we engage with our customers and are determined to fully understand their processes and requirements.” Read more in an interview in the July 2022 issue of Valve World India & Middle East magazine.

Meet Mr. Bhowmick Shah, Magwen Valves

Mr. Shah is eagerly awaiting the Flow Control Exchange India show this October. “This will be our first participation in FCE and we are looking forward to meeting a broad scope of visitors, be they seasoned experts or even students irrespective of their business interests. For us, FCE is a platform to promote our flow control solutions.” In this interview in the September 2022 issue of Valve World India & Middle East magazine, Mr. Shah further outlined Magwen’s history, its offerings, and also his personal fascination with flow control.