Exhibitor Services

Information for Exhibitors

Dates :     5-6th October 2017

Location  : The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, New Delhi, India

Exhibition Area: 17 Lounges size 12m2 and 26 stands sizes 9m2 and 12m2.

Stand and Lounge Packages : Includes Stand/Lounge Space, Shell Scheme, Furniture, Electricity, 2 days catering, coffee breaks and lunches,  2 x 2 Day passes to the conference and free access to the various workshops over 2 days.

There are 2 pricing structures for Indian and International exhibitors. If International exhibitors are established in India, i.e. have offices or manufacturing facilities then the Indian price applies otherwise use the international pricing. *(Indian pricing does not apply to international exhibitors who have only local agents)