Conference Registration

Here you can sign up for the 2022 Flow Control Exchange Conference


Early Bird Registration before 31 August – Indian: ₹4900 (Excl. GST) / International: €65 (Excl. GST)

Registration after 31 August and onsite – Indian: ₹6900 (Excl. GST) / International: €85 (Excl. GST)

Register as a Conference Delegate on this page to gain access to:

  • Two-day conference program
  • International  exhibition
  • Training workshops
  • Technical seminars
  • Refreshments

Registering gives you access to the following technical workshops & seminars, including a Certificate of Attendance:

  • Packing & Sealing
  • Safety Relief Valves: Application Based Solutions
  • Smart Valves
  • Variable Speed Electric Actuators
  • Fail Safe Actuator Solutions
  • Applying IioT Methods to Valves in Process Plants
  • Valve Handling Post-Delivery
  • Paint & Coatings for Valves
  • Ensuring & Improving Casting & Forging Quality
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