Event testimonials

Flow Control Exchange India 2017 was a great success, bringing together India’s valve community to take part in a technical conference and exhibition in New Delhi.

During the event our TV crew was on hand to ask some of the leading end users and manufacturers that were present what they thought of this premier event….

Mr. Raman from Rotork found it the perfect opportunity to meet customers, end users and competitors.

Mr. Pankaj Sanadhya from GNFC tells us about the importance of the end-users forums that took place at the event.

The MD of Velan Valves India, Ramesh Babu, was very impressed with this new platform.

Mrs Priyamvada from EIL India was happy that Flow Control Exchange India “showed that the world is noticing us”.

Kunal Joshi from Fluor was pleased to be part of the inaugural Flow Control Exchange India.

Priya Sharma from Southern Machine Industries in India, found it ideal to explore and get to know other players in the industry.

Sanjay Thakker from HMEL found Flow Control Exchange India an important platform to discuss “life cycle costs”.